Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is what a sassy sister weekend looks like... sort of.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.



Friday, February 25, 2011


What a way to start your day... see, this is the way it happens in my "sedentary office environment".

there are meetings. at these meetings, in an effort to impress whoever important is IN the meeting, they bring snacks, sometimes a whole lunch. afterwords, there is always food left... and thats how I ended up eating THESE bad boys at 8AM for Breakfast...

its hilarious how it goes down. someone wanders into the kitchen to freshen up their coffee, they spot the treats, take a few and then BAM walk to everyone in the office and tell them "there is food in the kitchen!"

suddenly all the desks around me are empty, its time for a "Water cooler chat" when everyone stands around and chats while eating someone elses leftovers.

I love my job.


I wanted to introduce everyone to my Buddha. He sits proudly on my coffee table.

The laughing Buddha statue depicts a stout, smiling or laughing bald man in robes with a largely exposed pot belly stomach, which symbolizes happiness, good luck, and plenitude. According to legend, if one rubs the Laughing Buddha's great belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity. The most common statue is of him seated, but there also statue renditions of him standing in various poses while others with him in an reclining posture. The image of laughing Buddha statue is almost always seen carrying a linen sack (that which never empties) and is filled with many precious items (indicating wealth. He is patron of the weak, poor and children...

I just think hes cute.

I have a great respect for this little statue in my house.

I try and rub his wooden belly every day for good luck :)

i'd say im already pretty lucky.

Thanks Budha!



Wednesday, February 23, 2011


WOW that title sounds distressing, doesnt it?

dont you fret :) read on:

I cant beleive its already Wednesday.

how awesome are short weeks?

Im still sick sick. but today, I have almost no voice AND my throat is sooo sore.

how sad :(

so this... (see above)

obviously leads to this... (see below)


what a difference drugs make!

p.s -

I swear im in love with this stuff,

My husabnd says he got out of bed, came back and I was sideways on the bed draped across his side.
when he asked me to move,
he says I moved about an inch...
he asked me again
same rezults...

so the poor kid finally just curled up on his tiny corner of the bed and went to sleep while I enjoyed the best 9 hours I have had in a LONG TIME.

Thanks .T. :)

I will try my best to not be a bed hog tonight

I didnt get many comments on my mantra post... lol my stalkers arent much for comments I guess? (Thanks Carissa!)

I need to start leaving more comments on blogs, it makes people feel appreciated!

anyone who creeps, if you have a blog, follow me and I will follow you! I love to stalk :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I have no voice this morning. literally, I feel like a piece of garbage!!

probably because t was a long weekend, I ate like crap and didn't get much sleep.

but it was totally worth it for THIS:


T and I got all decked out with our warm flames gear!

I was wearing my all time fave hat (an old school flames hat...) but by the time we found our seats my head was FROZEN! My little ears weren't gonna make it!

so T bought me an authentic heritage classic touque... with ear flaps... and a heritage classic mug filled with a warm drink...

The game was EPIC! 41,000 people in a football stadium huddled together trying to stay warm while we did the wave and cheered our guts out leading our team to a 4-0 VICTORY over Montreal!

all in all it was a fabulous weekend... I wasn't feeling too great driving home... and obviously this morning if you could hear my little voice... you would wonder what I was up to this weekend... well now you know. I think the cold had something to do with me feeling like garbage...

T and Boss stayed at the parents house last night to look at a new car today (loong story) but I cant wait to have my boys back!



Friday, February 18, 2011

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with the BBT...

res·o·nate (rz-nt)

1. To exhibit or produce resonance or resonant effects.
2. To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief: "It is a demonology [that] seems to resonate among secular and religious voters alike" (Tamar Jacoby).
3. To correspond closely or harmoniously: "Symbolism matters, especially if the symbols resonate with the larger message" (William Greider).

This is my new word.

when you actually read it, it really doesn't make much sense... but to have a feeling resonate... is something that is very hard, if not impossible to explain.

that is how I am going to judge what I do from now on. if it resonates when I am thinking about it, then it is not a bad thing.
now this obviously isnt the case for every situation, but for some reason having something to hold up to situations really gives me calm.

I know I know... hippy much?

Im not much of a yoga person. this is as close as im willing to get.

I was thinking recently about finding a new MANTRA

anybody have any ideas for a good mantra? I used to have a mantra for running. its on my old blog. I seriously love my old blog, but just about every post was about BOYS. so ignore the second part... but read my old mantra...

I like that one... but it doesnt apply to my life as much right now. anyone have any ideas?

I will pick faves (If i get any ideas) and make a poll?




Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tree Hugger and Heritage Classic

im tired today.

I was out late playing basketball with my women's league team. lots of fun, and I get to see some girlfriends and get some exercise!


My brain hurts a little too much to blog right now... let me explain.
I work with paper.

a LOT of paper.

Its a sweet job, it really is. I work downtown, I get an office and I get paid extremely well.

But I am a little bit of a tree hugger, and I find myself going through THOUSANDS of sheets weekly. no exaggeration. its exhausting.

how could this bright and cheery tree hugger...

Feel good about that!

I guess the fact is that I just have to. its my job. I don't have such a strong opinion that im going to tie myself to a tree outside of the building and tell them that if they don't stop their paper-wasting ways im going to quit.

It really isn't that bad.

Actually, alot of the paper and supplies this company orders are made from recycled material.

that's not bad eh?


im really looking forward to this weekend. Tay and I are going to the Heritage Classic in Calgary! its a tradition for Hockey. the Montreal Canadiens and Calgary flames play an outdoor game, just like the old days, wearing old vintage Jerseys and freezing their butts off!

T and I are packing blankets, and im packing my flames cap, AND my recently purchased flames PONCHO from Mexico.

this is going to be Hilarious.

Pray for some solid weather to keep the ice hard and the players... and me HAPPY!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

.Food for thought.

Blah, the picture looks so sunny and lovely.

but that is definitely not how im feeling today.

im tired today.

maybe a little cranky.

I got to work a little early today so I could sit

and be silent.

and blog.

I didn't really plan on what I would blog about, something about it sets me in the right direction, heres hoping eh?

I was thinking this morning.

about my mind.

about the mind in general. how do our brains all look so similar, negligible variations in size and thickness. yet, everyones mind is SO DIFFERENT.

some peoples brains tell them that it is okay to lie cheat and steal. some peoples brains dont work, some peoples brains are good at math, while others are good at absolutely nothing but spraying milk out of their noses. some brains are religious, some are atheist's because they just cant fit the concept of God into that generic-looking brain.

some people are just stupid.

plain and simple.

so if all of our brains look the same,

why cant we all just understand eachother?

I guess thats my thinking today. why cant we all just stand on common ground and understand eachother?

and there is your food for thought today.




Tuesday, February 15, 2011



I decided I was bieng boring. so I curled my hair, (now im REALLY boring... talking about my hair. pfft.)

Valentines day on a Monday didnt turn out so bad, T and I ended up going to the Keg for some flesh. delish.

HOWEVER. This picture makes me feel a little ill.

I was never a huge steak person, meat in general actually. I really respect vegitarians and their lifestyle, eating too much meat is bad for you.

but heres the story.

right after T and I met, I got sick, REAL sick. I spent most of my days on pain killers and couldnt eat. physically. couldnt. bleh.

one day when I was feeling a little bit better, T took me to earls for something to eat. I was SO hungry for protien, anything to feed my body, that I got a steak.

and to this day, I will NEVER have a steak as good as that one.

it might not have been that great of a steak, but damn. it was amazing after not eating in a while. T's dad also makes a mean steak. im so stoked on



eye... Think this is going to be a good day.

(see how I played this picture into the words? I was like... how can I best use this photo without looking stupid...)

I still did, didnt I?... damn.

well, I cant win em all.



Monday, February 14, 2011



Check THIS out.

One of the nice old gentlemen from work today brought all the girls roses. how sweet! I went to open mine and noticed it was quite heavy... why?

because someone had left a KNIFE in it!

horror movie intro anyone?

lol Happy Valentines to ME... now cut open my chest and take my heart.

lol, but seriously. it was very nice of him to give us all Roses.

Its Monday!

and you know what? aside from spilling coffee all over my shoes and almost cutting off my finger with a pearing knife left in a rose?

its been okay.

T, Boss-man and I spent the whole weekend at home.

Boss gently kissed and cuddled and nursed us back to health.

Luckily, we are both feeling much better today, we missed a few fun things this weekend, but im just glad were not sick anymore.

---------------------------> im drawing a blank.

I always think about the sweetest things to blog about... but mostly I think about them when I am unable to blog. its kind of sad actually. I have some pretty sweet Epiphanies, some neat thoughts and stories that run through my head. but thanks to my short term memory... they litterally, run, right through and OUT of my head.

oh well, I guess its for the best.

chalk it up to the Mondays.



Saturday, February 12, 2011


sick sick sick :(

My poor T is super sick today.

We spend most of the morning sitting in doctors offices, getting chest x-rays and picking up prescriptions. then I spent most of the day washing everything in my house so I don't get sick...



now im feeling like garbage...

Oh well, im not 100% sick yet... so maybe I can kick it before I get as bad as my guy.


Obviously cleaning bathrooms and sheets and making dry toast for my sick husband doesn't make much of a blog post.

im really just doing this because I dont want to leave my couch.





Friday, February 11, 2011

.shake your booty.


(I took this fun pic this morning. I cant get enough of my iphone camera!


now back to your regularily scheduled Lunchtime Blog.


Friday. - ahhhhhhh. what a nice feeling!

Yesterday a couple of my girlfriends called me up to go to a class... it was a class I have seen and heard of before but had never tried it

But ZUMBA was SO FUN! - and a suprisingly good work out (who knew shaking your booty could be such a work out?) I might even do it again...

I deffinately have the hips for latin inspired booty dancing.

lets just be honest.

this morning I was tired. I didnt sleep last night at all for various reasons, so I picked up my Happy face mug and brought it work...

peppermint tea in a smiley face mug puts me in a happy mood

I needed all the help I could get.

Tonight im actually excited to go home, clean my dirty dirty house and snuggle in and watch a movie with my poor, sick hubby.

till next time!

Have a fabulous weekend!



Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh Em Gee...
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

big T was sick this morning, so think weekend will probably involve alot of cleaning, organzing... and soup!

Yesterday my sister Sar came to my basketball game, preggo belly and all just to watch me (and help keep score)

after we went to Mcdonalds and got fatty milkshakes and fries and sat down across from these guys playing chess VERY intensely...

in Mcdonalds...

at 10:30 at night.


I thought so.

I really enjoy talking to Sar, she is a sister that I didnt have a ton of time to hang with when I was growing up. she was always very sucessfull in basketball and school, and life, always giong places. it is really nice to have her here, in the same city as me so that we can do things together and really have good talks. and her hubby is tha bomb! - a straight up - Italian! <3

Tay I decided to blog about my favorite things this week...things im really into! (it changes a lot)

Call me crazy, but sometimes I get tired in the afternoon.


Next is my life saver! I got this from my sis-in law as an "I stole this now im keeping it) gift.

and lastly, something that keeps me busy in the afternoon are these little pink mints.
I like to call them


(they are actually wintergreen flavored. delish!)

so thats what im into this week. I know boring. I wish it was something amazing like

"oh Skydiving is totally my thing this week"


"oh, im so into puppies this week! I adopted a while bunch! this is totally my thing this week"


but you know what. I would take a pepto mint over skydiving any day.