Wednesday, June 29, 2011



SO yesterday I had a chance to go out to my BFF Kelti's family farm and meet her horses... well, some of them were horses... the rest were pony's! cutest little guys EVER!

There were a few babies running around... and when you go up to them, you can literally pick them up! its so adorable! (not that they like being picked up and carried around...)

isn't she SWEET!? I just wanted to pick her up and put her in my car and buckle her up and take her home and watch her prance around my house in all her mini-glory!! - I know I know... crazy thoughts again// but wouldn't that be hilarious! - little horses. HA!

Then we got down to business. some big ol' quarter horses needed a little bit of exercise!
we saddled up and took them out for a run...

now these horses were not tame horses... but I wasn't expecting this.. we were doing a slow run, and that horse just threw her head down and went rodeo style on me!
I held on with all my might, and she wasn't able to throw me (bragging? a little...)
Kelti looked back just as I was gathering myself and yelling...

"I've never felt so alive!"

at the end of the day the old girl and I made up, and had a pleasant little ride before it got too late and we had to brush our horses down, set em out to pasture and call it a night.

its been probably 6 years since Ive been on a horse. the girl I used to be was a horse-addict.
horses all over my room, painted on my walls, drawings on every notebook I had.
I know that girl is still in there. it felt so good to let her out... let her be that country-girl again

The summer is just beginning... I cant wait to see what other parts of me feel like coming back out. This summer will be full of fun, love, laughs and futures... Rodeo style.



Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I want to start this post with a shoutout!

My childhood to current BFF Carissa Lang is auditioning to be the Nashville North Star at the Calgary Stampede! she needs lots of votes to get to the top 10... then she can come home from NY to visit!!

go to this link before reading on to the rest of this boring Blog post... leave a comment here about what you think!


now... on to my boring/kind of artsy fartsy emo post...


I like to consider myself an artist... I have all the correct features, I believe.

I'm bubly, sad, content, anguished... talentless but full of heart and love... even though I'm not sure if it exists in real-life application. it comes out in photos, poems, songs, monologues to friends and colleges... and here on my blog.

everyone is an artist/everyone shows themselves differently. showing yourself, not hiding yourself... makes you orginal...makes you an artist.

okay okay, rant over. just a little thought from my little brain. im very pensive today.

I took this creeper shot on my iphone while I sat across from this man on the train... he was playing with his hands incesantly... it was making me nervous... anxious... so I snapped a picture... HA! that held them still.

sometimes I feel like a total wierdo.

I think at some point everyone feels like a headcase. you know, a total nut job.
Has it ever happened when something crosses your mind and you think... woah. did that thought just come out of my brain?


well, like I said... Nut Job.

SIGH* - Anyways.

Tay and I are looking into a keyboard. like a legit...weighted keyboard so that I can get out some of this artiscial buildup in my brain...

<3 xx

Crazy rc.

Friday, June 24, 2011


and the worst blogger award goes to...

I bet you can guess...

"oh thank you thank you! - I would like to thank my hectic life, my husband, and my tiny data plan for helping me stay off of my blog for months... I couldnt do it without you!"

but seriously.

I suck.

I spent some serious time to myself.

now, when your married, it isnt really time to "yourself" - but it was nice just the same. my wonderful husband helps me through anything. even if it is time by myself. I am slowly coming out of it... but still feeling very anti-social...

well, since it has been a while, I figure I would do a "my favorite things" blog post! Things I am currently in love/obosessed with.


seriuolsy... I am in love with Twitter. it has helped me really connect with some people at long distances... and those that know me, know that I love my facebook status updates... so this is like FB status updates on drugs! - here is my link! I just love following celebs mostely... which leads to my next current fave...


Seriuolsy Indulgent, but I have spent many sundays glued to this series... many gigs of data finding out the latest gossip... I follow all of them on twitter... I feel like I know them personally! my favorite is Chloe - this huge tall girl who is big boned and has a big attitude. look into it. you might understand why she is my fave ;)


I am totaslly obsessed with my iphone 4... however, from all the use... my phone was taking a beating... AKA it looked like crap, the protective cover was peeling off, the coke zero case on the back had scratches all over it... not a pretty sight. so they other day I went and had GHOST ARMOUR professionally put on it. This stuff is great, it makes your phone look like there is nothing on it (everyone loves the original Iphone look...) while protecting all of it gauranteed against scratches and peeling for LIFE! - I love my baby... I mean phone. My ghost armour and I promise to take good care of it... (until the next Iphone comes out shhh...)

And finally, due to all this "self time" I have become obsessed with the show


I love everything about it... legit good singers getting a real chance... and amazing artists spending some time sharing their gifts. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Well, I guess thats it for now... like I said. solitary confinement has made me a little batty... and highly uninteresting. - I still follow everyones blogs religously... I will get better!