Wednesday, October 28, 2009


guess what were doing tonight?


when Tay and I first met we rented all five saw movies....and watched them all in about 12 hours. see, the first four were rented for seven nights.... but saw five was a new release (at the time) and we only had it for 2 nights!

I love scary movies!

I hear THIS SUPER scary, like....gross scary, but im still excited!

i'll let you know how it is!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

space cadet and .photo.shoots.

lately, im feeling like a BIT of a

... space cadet?

SO... sorry. i've been...


to say the least.

lets see, to list a few things that have happened since I last blogged....

the diet fell off the tracks


ive been working my landscaping job pretty steady so ive maintained. not... gained. but still.


i got a job at the MONGOLI GRILL serving, well, I just started today, it will be


Im waiting to hear back from The GOODLIFE FITNESS club thats opening right away here, but now im worried. I think I need a better job.
Goodlife's pay is SURPRISINGLY low... not enough for a sugar mamma trying to get her husband through school... but its like my DREAM to work at a gym. (ya Becka, im jealous)

again. .boo.

Tay is still working hard on school, he's a smart guy, seriously.

and well

but on the side I am still doing what I seriously LOVE to do


here is a shoot I did with a family from Edmonton - it was a MISERABLE day to take pictures. seriously. but they were a hilarious family, and I like how they turned out!

here are a few.

and then, one I was really EXCITED to do ever since I heard that this awesome girl from my classic job was MAYBE getting engaged! ha ha engagement photos! my FAVORITE thing to do!

here are a few!

my next major photography feat?

to buy this lens

its called the

Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 L USM Lens

and, like that huge name makes any sense.

all you need to know


and its 1500 dollars.

christmas? birthdays? valentines days?...for the next 5 years?? PLEASE? ha ha


i'll get there, im putting the money I get from shoots away. ha ha

this will be a long road.