Thursday, January 28, 2010

crash and burn

I have been running 12-15 hour days from waking up early and going to work for nine...then finishing at nine and going to the gym untill 11 or so...then going home...eating. and sleeping...well, sort of sleeping. okay, NOT sleeping at all...then doing it all again. im on day 6 or this shenannigans...and its not over.
Wednesday night I came home on a rampage, I was tired and grumpy. so I had a bath, a bowl of ice cream. and CRASHED.

good thing too

on Thursday morning I left at 6 to pick up my Manager Melissa to head to an informative corperate breakfast for the MS Society of Canada,

we really want to get GoodLife involved in this years run and walk. we want to do the


you know, sort of like Becka does!

get everybody ready and PUMPED to walk for this awfull desease. almost everyone knows someone affected by MS.

I know I do.

and an interesting thing...

there is no known cause or cure for MS.

sad huh?

lets change that.

were on the last 2 days of our big promo for the new GoodLife fitness opening on Calgary trail in Edmonton - 8 weeks for free and amazing prices for memberships... I almost wish I didnt work here so I could get a cheap membership... ;) if anyone from ED ready my blog? CALL ME! - 780-466-4124

anyways. to work! 2 more 13 hour days then...well, the start of another long week!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

its a new day.

so K and I tried something NEW.

going to the gym at


ha ha yeah...its currently 10am. and im ready to poke my eyes out. not that it wasnt good. my legs are sore and I feel fit and thin...but man. im TIRED/ probably because

I have slept probably 4 hours in the last 3 days. im all out of sleeping pills, and melatonin doesnt do anything to me. im tired. so tired!

its the end of the month at Goodlife, which means our promos are ending...and everyone is coming in to buy memberships while they are cheap, so im working 12 hour days alot lately trying to make it.

wish me luck, im trying to keep on the diet, and im going to weigh in this Friday!



Friday, January 22, 2010


my hubby plays this game, usually every day. just after we got married he went to future shop at 10pm just to wait in line to get this game as soon as it came out.

then he played it all night.

dont get me wrong, I dont mind Taylor playing, its a...boy thing I guess ha ha

and hey, im slowly learning...but serioulsy?


there are buttons on the front, side, back...joysticks...everywhere you could imagine. how does someone (AKA a boy with such a short attention span??) get to learn this game?

well, last night I tried.

now, I really like Taylors gamer friends, there was a time not too long ago when I couldnt sleep, unless I was laying on Taylors lap while he played x-box with his friends from all over...and I got to know them pretty well. - um, they talk about some pretty...interesting.things.


I got on...geared up with my headset and mic, grabbed the controller, put my settings, good an awesome machine gun...thing, and...

- I hope your not waiting for something wonderfull here...

I basically spun around in circles and got shot a hundred times. .BUT. all the while I had Taylors friends yelling "left button! right forward button! stab him!"

(as most of you know im sort of a peacefull person, this was new to me)

As we kept playing his friends started saying things like, "just so you know Rachel...It really bugs me how many periods you use on your blog.

and some other guy pipes in and says, "listen guys, Rachels on a serious diet, she doesnt have time to worry about it"

um, what?

"hello! we are some of your most loyal blog readers"

I literally laughed out loud.

I think they go on and read it mostly to tease my husband because he always complains about how much I blog while hes playing games. but we all have our things right?




this is an official shout out to .dirty.wheeler. .hpdeskjet. and .banilla-ice. .applynow-JR.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


im so tired lately...a little burned out maybe?? I hope I dont get sick

but hey...ive lost about 3 pounds!


my stomach feels a little flatter, im feeling more toned and muscley...and its only 3 pounds! ha ha

anyways, work is busy. its the end of the month so we are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get people into the gym and woring their butts....OFF! (litterally)

lets go people!


.x.x. - I will blog later, this one is lame


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


to the GYM tonight...

I'd better STRETCH

but hungry.




Sunday, January 17, 2010



SO...I started out my whirlwind weekend by watching my amazing sister Sarah run the OLYMPIC TORCH!


A once in a lifetime experience. I learned a lot about the torch, anyone interested? I don't care if you arent. MY BLOG....remember?

Everyone knows the history of the Olympics, it brings the world together, starting with ONE FLAME. this tradition has held on for years. the flame starts in Greece... and the Olympics bring it with them all over the world. my sister was part of this journey.
they Passed the flame all over Edmonton
I learned that the flame is kept in 4 separate lanterns, in case something happens to one of them. the flame CANNOT go out.
and the torch...well it isnt THE TORCH. there are literally hundreds of torches. my sister got to buy hers, she will have that momentum forever. before the torch got to her a woman stuck a key in it and turned on the butane tank...

apparently the flame is meant to be in the shape of a half of a maple leaf....what do you think?

we all had a great time in little Beaumont outside of a french school with hundreds of little bi-lingual kids cheering

also, it was my BIRTHDAY.

WOW... im 23...OLD!

haha Taylor has never had a birthday with me. (weird) but it was SO FUN.

first off my wonderful gym buddy .K. brought me CAKE (it was the weekend...freedom!) we had that at work, then that night my in-laws came! what a wonderful family, we went shopping and hung out and watched movies... in total T and I ate out 4 TIMES. ugh

back to the diet grind tomorrow...and im sort of looking forward to eating healthy and going to the gym again after THAT weekend... and I GOT A NEW PURPLE I-POD! :D it came with a sweet arm band so i can wear it at the gym. my hubby knows me :)

im ready for another long week!



Thursday, January 14, 2010


Things are going well on the gym, diet front. im feeling strong and a little slimmer! now I just need to keep it up...ha ha it IS only day 2.

things on every other front are going well, Taylor is working hard at school, and I pretty much work all day, go to the gym...go home... and SLEEP! ha ha what a LIFE!

On the up turning 23 on Saturday!



Wednesday, January 13, 2010


so yesterday K and I went to the gym for the first timne since our big...program. and it felt AWESOME. seriously, I felt so empowered and fantastic!

but today

holey cow!

I cant move my arms!

im sitting here right now typing with my little fingers...trying not to move my forearms too much because my muscles are SORE! but thank goodness

tonight is lowe body work out...night...and of with every night...
does anyone have a fabulous abs program I can follow? im a little weakling... but I want to look like THIS!

hopefully I can walk...AND LAUGH tomorrow!



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


oh . em . GEE

guess what,

Rachels on a new diet kick.


as most of you know im helping start up a brand new GoodLife fitness club here in Edmonton, and the PERK of that job is that I get to work with PERSONAL TRAINERS! - SO MY NEW BFF ;) our fitness manager set me and kelly up on a strict diet plan for our little 10 pound competition.

SO HERE IT IS... if anyone is interested in doing it with me, our FM has many sucess stories out of this diet plan, its CHEAP to do, and relitively easy (well, its my first day on it...lets see how this goes...)

the times can be adjusted, but the basics is to eat every few hours. and have PROTIEN.

he said you dont even need to exersize to lose weight on this program...its just a bonus ;)

Wake up: 6:00 am
Breakfast: 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites

Snack: 1 Serving fruit (1 apple, ½ cup grapes, etc)
¼ cup trail mix or 1 tbsp almond butter

Lunch: ½ -¾ chicken breast, diced
Veggies until container is full

Snack: ½ -¾ chicken breast, diced
Veggies until container is full

Dinner: Cut of lean meat (chicken breast, ½ extra lean ground beef, grilling steaks, etc.)
½ cup pasta or brown rice

Bed: 12:00


10 pound on!

whos in?



Friday, January 8, 2010

That was my motto just over a year ago when I ran my marathon,

and im looking for that motto again.

its somewhere deep deep in my soul...

and im having a little bit of a hard time finding it again.

I went to the gym last night with one of my gym work buddies .K. and it KILLED ME felt SO GOOD. it brought back all these memories of me bieng happy and healthy and running my BUT OFF! (litterally ) running till I puked, running till I cried, running till I literally colapsed...running untill I crossed the finish line in Dublin Ireland///what happened to me?!?
well, I guess I got married, thats one thing. lol that o ne is pretty self explanitory...I would rather spend time with my hubby...than with a long road and a GPS watch.
but I do miss using my GPS watch.
I miss biking at the YMCA while I watched 90210 every Tuesday, I miss stretching, sweating, spending the night at my sisters before a long run, eating ice cream without feeling FAT! - GAH...I just miss not feeling fat lol. I miss bieng
.K. and I decided to have a race.
first one down 10 pounds
game on

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


seriously, can I vent for a second??

oh yeah, my blog.

suck it up!

I HATE not bieng able to go to a gym. I mean, I WORK at a hard is it to EXERCISE!? well, I guess the main problem is the gym that I work at doesnt open untill March. yeah...thats an issue. secondly im a huge gym snob! T and I went to look for a gym we could go to for the next few months, and everything wasn't....GOODLIFE!

siiigh...something will have to work until then.

I need to exercise! does T (dont tell him I said so...not like I DONT tell him ;) im the biggest exercise promoter) but I need to get my but in gear and be an example!

T doesnt need to work out... we both just need to diet a a horrible a social EATER!! ha ha...this is our fave thing to do...

I got a few one week gym passes so im covered for a bit... but


my body needs to move!


where are you when i NEED YOUUUUU!



Monday, January 4, 2010

Day one

so today was the first day of our training for the half marathon! - i woke up at 630 ready to go with Taylor complaining about how he didnt sleep.( HA, IM one to talk, I NEVER SLEEP.) sigh... was this ever going to HAPPEN!?

so I went to work, a little cranky from my diet, and a little discouraged.

but I was determined to run today! so when I got home at about 5:30 I forced my hubby into some warm clothes and we headed out for our first 5k.

5 minutes later we were EXHAUSTED AND COLD. who can even FUNCTION in Deadmonton's cold temperatures!


so 40 minutes later (my slowest...EVER) - we finished our first run.

2 hours later i played a basketball game with my women's league team...and lets just say I was

but I did it!

and ive lost 2 pounds!

(*insert small fist pump*)

sigh, so long to go!

our next run is Wednesday! 6.5!



Sunday, January 3, 2010

tomorrow T and I start our half marathon training schedule.


but THEN I have a basketball game with my womens leauge team at 9:45 tomorrow night. AWESOME. tons of really determined to slim down and get FIT!

its a new week

take controll of it




I just spent 2 full days sitting on my couch.


well, yes and no.

yes because I finally got the rest I need, and not just my body. my brain, I have needed some serious down time lately. my head runs so fast...

but, sometimes down time is bad, it leaves my "fast-head" to run as much as it wants. so I have to find things to fill my time, ive been reading a book called "The 5 people you meet in heaven" its a really good book. we had some friends over for dinner, and declined going out after. Tay is a homebody, again, good and bad. I have surfed the web, watching documentaries, searching for inspiration to lose that last 10-15 pounds thats haunting my body. I have also been playing a highly addictive facebook game called happy me, its awesome. lol

im ready to go back to work. down time was awesome, for a bit. but I need to get my .fast.head. - back into the

I need to get my resolution to learn yoga started FAST. breathing exersizes should slow my thoughts a little...right?

T and I are starting our new HALF MARATHON training schedule first thing on monday!!!

I will track our progress here... here we go again!


.R. (and her .fast.head.)

Friday, January 1, 2010


holey moley!

its another year!

time for new years resolutions. - shoot.

T and I printed off our training schedule for the half marathon we want to run this year. - our goal together.
I want to learn Yoga before my lovely NEW fitness club opens with a HOT YOGA studio!
but booo. yoga is hard, how do people get into it?
I want to get on a healthy eating schedule, I want to be happier, I want to be a good wife, a good friend, a good daughter. I want to be thin, feel beautifull, I want to travel. I want to everything great.

my 2009 mantra - .be.

Happy new year

welcome clean slate and fresh start.