Monday, September 6, 2010


I cant keep up with this blogging thing.
its depressing.

so much is going onnnn!

and i hate nothing more than coming on weeks after i stopped blogging and trying to recount everything....

so I wont.

however I will touch on a few things.

I went to Hawaii ( excellent!)
i gained 10 pounds trying to go off some meds... im back on them.
I flunked my bodystep assessment. (and im not re-doing)
and im working at TD bank still...

other than life is boring.

after I failed my assessment to become a step instructor, I was upset. I weighed myself and was at the most I have been in years. I slipped. I let myself down. and I fell into a low point, not caring, eating ridiculous amounts... being a creature.... not a nice one mind you!

so... on Tuesday, after my trip, and after thanksgiving dinner... (sigh) T and I weighed in... and started the big WEIGHT WATCHERS!

I will do my best to keep you posted... sometimes a good alternative to eating is blogging lol.