Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I have a serious case of the


Like, can anything else go wrong?? (knock on wood)


to start it all of... When we left this morning it was 7am... and -32 outside. as I sit on the train a man gets my attention and tells me there is something DRIPPING out of my bag.

sure enough there is a small puddle beside me and I open my bag to find my drinkable yogurt all over EVERYTHING. Great. to top it all of I was on the train. SO I sat there with a drinkable yogurt with a hole in the top and a dripping bag for 20 more minutes untill I got to my stop.

once again out in the freezing cold.

I got to work , cleaned out my bag, and with a heavy sigh walked towards my office. I reached to my swipe card to get into the locked section of my office and


there goes the travel mug I had in my hand.

full of Coffee.

and it went EVERYWHERE.


exhasperated I opened the door, leaving my mug on the floor and turned into the kitchen to put my things down.

who was there?

My boss.

hmmm, I THINK I might have looked a little exhasperated...

I sighed...again and got some papertowels to go clean up my mess.

a lady stopped me on my way to my office and passed me my fork... it must have fallen when I dropped my mug.


all that before 8AM

and I know im being whiney.

hey, its my blog.

I count my blessings when I want to.

and count my burdens when I want

(insert ANOTHER sorrowfull sigh*)

But the good news is that its another week...

and it IS only Monday...




Friday, January 28, 2011

Train rant #2

Today is Friday.
Friday is glorious
Seriously, after your first week of 6am's and stressfull firsts at a new job
Friday is the promise of a weekend
Sleeping in!

The train is busy today, but I managed to get an inside seat so I can rest my head on the window like a bum.
I got an esspesso today.
Coffee wouldn't cut it for this Friday
It's one last push.
My very best friend is gong from 300km away
To 300000km away.
I would kill to see her this weekend.
But I can't, bad friend huh?
I have to admit. I'm not a great friend, even a good friend.
I'm bad at returning calls
At keeping plans
At texting back or initiating conversation.
It's not that I don't care
I just
Hmm, that might be a question to think about.

I love my new job
Its so many things. It's challenging and hilarious and ackward and happy and embarrasing all in one little 8 hour day.
But seriously
I love my job.

Well, that's today's train to work rant.

Happy Friday!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is via my iPhone on the train.
It's raining.
And people on the train are awfull quiet this time of day.
The girl I'm sitting beside is the tiniest girl ever,
But she's sitting in the middle of the row,
Which leaves my big bum embarrassingly hanging over the side of the seat.
It's raining outside,
Can you beleive it?
Last week It was snowing buckets...
Now were all slipping on ice
Global warming
My husband made me breakfast and coffee today
I'm a lucky girl .
This is my little morning rant for today.
Oops! Here is my stop!

I love this. :)



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1st day at the new job.


I almost forgot how crazy first days at a new job can be!

I ALSO forgot how 6AM looks...

Tomorrow I will be a little more prepared I think... anyone have any tips for waking up early??



Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 things you might not know...


The big job I was hoping and praying and wishing for finally came around :)

I was at the gym last night when I got a phone call while T and I were stretching, it was ATCO ELECTRIC telling me that they would like me asap for a clerical position downtown!


Now I dont feel so CRAZY STRESSED about having a hubby in school and only a part-time job!

anyways.... I start Tuesday...

Today is Saturday, a few things... cleaning day... shopping day, date night.

I LOVE Saturdays

I decided today im going to do one of those trendy lists everyone on blogger is doing... hmmm, which one...

how about, 10 things you might not know about me.

1. I love traveling... I know I know you already knew that.
did you know that when I went backpacking by myself in South America for 3 months I got so homesick near the end that I changed my flight so that it came home 5 days early? - I dont tell people that because it makes me feel un-hardcore.

2. I have had my tongue pierced 3 times

twice while I was in college... and once right when I came home from South America...

Im not sure what it is about tongue rings that I love. i like the pain of getting them, I like playing with them, running them along my teeth... I just like piercings in general.

judge away.

3. I love to sing and write music. BUT... I cant read music. ironic? I thought so.

4. I have played on one real live hockey game in my life... I joined a women's league in Utah, the first shift in my first game, I knocked over a girl on my own team... she hit her head, and got her third concussion FML I quit after that game...
5. I wish I felt ready to have babies.

6. I made a rule when I was young. the man who will buy me a puppy, is a man I want to be with.

7. I wish I was a more unique person.

8. I have been to over 10 countries all over the world... and only two Canadian Provinces.

9. My husband is way better with money than I am... we would be living in a cardboard box in a third world country and spend all our money saving hurt animals if it was up to me.... hey, I think its a great idea.

10. I have 714 facebook friends. I love seeing where people have been and where they are. lifes progression is neat to me. yes, that means I creep your facebook regularly. :)

well there it is... that was harder than I thought it would be...

till next time.


Monday, January 17, 2011

the .BBS.


this morning I Had a meeting with the BBS (The Big.bad.shrink. from now on, I dont want to sound too much like a crazy person!)

But in all seriousness... it was great. I really do recommend...something. marriage counseling, personal counseling. im seeking help in all areas of my life.


its HUGE for me this year.

On friday Lat week T and I met with a nutritionist, just you know, to get back to the basics. food groups, portion sizes. it was really basic, but it really sunk in


I had a long shift at work at the bank today, LOOOONG... I had a lot on my mind, but one thing I love about work, is that its like free blinders, you dont HAVE to think about anything going on in your own life! your not supposed to!! you just smile and nod and click click click the keyboard for 8 hours, being, well, whoever you want to be with each customer that comes up to your wicket.

I like it....

Then the gym, The bliss of listening to sad Taylor Swift songs while I kick my ass on a cardio machine.

all in all... it wasnt a good day

it wasnt a bad day,

but it was

another day...

and for that im glad

Sunday, January 16, 2011

woah woah woah.

Okay so its been a while, and i'm not even going to try and recount all the crappy-wonderful- hilarious-crying-disasters-and - life changing moments --- That have happened over the last... EX number of months that I have been on here.

But let me tell you,

im still here.

and maybe I will recount a few. if your lucky. ;)

This year is another year of Changes. I feel like the year I met my guy Tay was a year of recovery, the next year was a year of healing...and this year...

this year is a year of building.

Building myself.

my hobbies, I started 2010 doing a wedding shoot for one of my good friends

it was beautiful.
One of my goals this year is to boost my creativity. I feeel like that such an important part of me!

I need to relax a little. living with anxiety is a challenge, and I know there are alot of people who have a waaay harder time functioning than me... but I really just need to get things in perspective when I am panicky.
This might be a little personal. but im talking to someone, a professional, I really need to, but it terrifies me... come on buddy, get in my head.... fix me?

I am making positive changes in my realtionship, T and I are working out, working on ourselved, and really working with our little devil of a dog :)


I mean, for goodness sakes! I know my life is becoming progressively more and more boring... but There is always something to talk about...

maybe I will do what is doing right now.... blog everyday for a month??

let me know!!