Sunday, March 28, 2010


ugh. im the worst blogger EVER!

im so happy the gym is opened now, and what's even better, my fabulous sister in law Sarah joined! were currently hammering out a work out program to get fabulous bikini bodies for a possible Hawaii Trip this fall?? :) my weight hasnt changed after a hard week of working out with her, but you know? after week one im feeling healthy and motivated and...tight?does that make sense? ha ha

our new car is fabulous - we got a steal of a deal on a silver, with black leather interior Nissan Altima SL - and can i just say? I LOVE HEATED SEATS! another huge perk is having dual climate controll...I mean seriously .T. married an ice cube, and hes a burning pool of lava. the new car really eases the tension ;)

we found a new off leash park to take the Boss to. he LOVES it, he spent all afternoon chasing around a 200 pound great dane and a greyhound...lets just say he's sleeping right now. but only after a bath... I wished so badly I had my camera as he was rolling around in the lovely spring mud and getting trampled by other muddy dogs, but it was nice, I think we will do it every Sunday, its a good time for .T. and I to take a breather, walk hand in hand and talk about our week ahead. were a pretty happy family right now :) - .T. is almost done school! and then the summer work begins :S

I dont have any pictures recently...sadness. there is something about the summer tho. creativity thrives in the summer! graffiti walls, feilds, green forests, and summer LOVE! eep! I cant wait!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have my RED eye shadow

my RED jacket,



im ready to ROCK this GoodLife Fitness GRAND OPENING TONIGHT!



Monday, March 8, 2010


SO....its favor time blog-readers!

A friend of mine made a commercial for a contest (DORITOS!) he gets points for all the different people who watch. - I guess the story is this: I received this Email this morning from him.
I made a Doritos commercial to enter a contest. It's really important for me to win because my aunt in Australia has to start cancer treatment in Sydney soon, and she doesn't live there. She's under huge financial strain right now, and I want to help her out.So here's what I'm asking of you:Please go to the link and watch the commerical:'ll take you less than a minute. Every time someone in Canada watches it, I get 5 points. Every time someone outside of Canada watches it, I get 100.
That means you, Americans.
Then if you could post the link on your facebook page so that all of your friends have a chance to watch it. Also, if you have a twitter account, I get points for that too. This is probably the most important part:
DO NOT WATCH ANYONE ELSES VIDS. They get points for your views too.Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate this.

he gets even BIGGER POINTS FROM AMERICAN COMPUTERS SO everyone!! give it a watch. no matter where you are!

lets help him kick butt :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

so, today we went .CAR.SHOPPING!.

and we have prettymuce decided that .THIS. - is our favorite!
A 2009 NISSAN ULTIMA! - its a REALLY nice car, I mean, I LOVE IT. we drove it around all afternoon. doesn anyone have any opinions on it? this is a pic of the interior. were thinking black with black interior....SOOOO ORIGINAL (*inster eye-roll) but I guess I need to grow up sometime.
.T. and I had a good day, we took the boss man for a walk..which is quite a problem - you see, the HAIR comes into play again, he gets COVERED in mud, but it was fun, hes exhausted by the end, and we get a little break :)
this week will be a good one I hope! 10 DAYS till my gym is opened!

.x.x. - .R

Like rachel said, it was time to check out some new cars today, as our trusty sunfire is not so trustworthy anymore. I have always liked Nissans, so we checked them out, they were good to us and fair. Its a big decision so will take our time with the car and decide what would be best for us now and later. Cant wait for school to be done, and get back outside working everyday, i miss the sun...being couped up in a room all day really gets old. well not much else to say. cya!

.T....your SO EXCITING!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

burgers, fries..and caramel apples?

I .LOVE. being .HOME. I mean, home is Edmonton now...but you know, the original home.
the family farm
the old friends
the old smells
the old feelings.

.T. and I got to go to CANMORE for the weekend last weekend just to spend some time together. we haven't really done a honeymoon we take little weekends whenever we can, were still hoping South America or maybe Mexico, is in our near can get so out of control!

but anyways, while we were in Canmore ALL I wanted to do was drive the little while west to BANFF and get a CARAMEL APPLE!
seriously. im obsessed (but not pregnant ;) )
when .T. just wanted to go home, I moaned and complained the whole way home until finally, exasperated, .T. said
"LISTEN, I promise I will get you a stupid caramel apple in Calgary!"


game on.

when we got back to T's parents house we started the search. who would have thought it was so hard to find a caramel apple in Calgary? we called EVERYWHERE in the south, further north, north north... until we finally found ONE PLACE to get a caramel apple.

by then I had T's little sister Becca on board, and we were both FRANTIC to get a good caramel apple! - T - but who wants to drive that far for a stupid caramel apple??

- WE DO!

finally .T.'s mom piped in. okay girls, lets just go


we hopped in the car and drove oh, probably 45 minutes across town (see how easy it would have been to just go to Banff?...not to rub it in...)

to Sunridge Mall!

Taylor and his mom were laughing and following Becca and I as we skipped in to get our prize!
and there it was!

THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY! - the best caramel apples in town...or...the only?

and they looked FLAWLESS!
this kind little old man cut one up for us to try, and we were hooked. true campbell form...

we each had to have three

and then, not to be outdone - .T. insisted on stopping on the long trek back at our second favorite place in Calgary besides home...



all in all - it was the HAPPIEST day that I have had in AGES. If I sound like a spoiled brat...hey, nobody is arguing... and if you call me a fat kid... I might be offended...but again - not arguing!

Thank you T, mom, and Becca!



Wednesday, March 3, 2010


this is us RIGHT NOW:

Rach types RED

so this is how it works, i talk and you listen. Rachel and I have been having a good week, this whole blog thing has been a big thing for her, so we both decided we would do something the other likes, together. We had Red Lobster for dinner tonight, enough food for a family of 4 lol. Rachel successfully devoured more than myself, and for that i am proud and thankful. She is getting ready for the club to open, and I myself am stuck in the grind of school. - so it begins!


I am excited to do this part. and I will let you know how I FINALLY got my hubby to blog with me.

oh yeah
WORLD OF WARCRAFT. - we just finished playing for a couple hours. and you be honest. its not bad. I play, he blogs...this could work out.




I.LOVE. - the biggest loser.
every time I watch it I get SO motivated! I mean, I know that losing 12-15 pounds in a week is unrealistic... but I still am so motivated to eat healthy, exersize, and change my life! I mean, im healthy, and I make PRETTY good choices....BUT I NEED TO LOSE MY LAST 10!
I know ive sort of dropped off this thing the last little bit, but really, no news is good news...right?
.T. comitted to start blogging with me again.
i'll let you know what convinced him our NEXT blog ;)