Saturday, July 24, 2010

the real day one.... UGH

OKAY... im going to count this as day one... but man... im already having a hard time getting this lemonaid down...I dont like the sweetness of the syrup! my batch yesterday was too hot, so I left the cayenne pepper out of this batch. I will maybe add some tomorrow...last night I drank the herbal laxitive tea. it actually tasted pretty good, but at 6AM, right on schedule, I was up. i took T to work at 8 and then tried the salt water flush.

attempt one...I almost got the whole 4 cups of water down...

then I puked.


but I was I tried it again, I was about 1/2 cup short of finishing it, but my stomach told me to stop, I still got the same effect tho... did I ever!

I weighed in after all that water weight was out, and im at 140. almost 3 pounds lol... hey, its good for my ego! (even if I know its water weight)

im trying to choke down my first glass of lemonade...

i will report later!



Friday, July 23, 2010


So today was the day I was supposed to start the master cleanse... the night before I start I was supposed to drink some laxative tea, you know...just to loosen everything up... then do a salt cleanse in the morning to...ahem...GET IT OUT!

I couldn't get the tea until this morning... but I started drinking the lemonade mix anyways to get my body used to juicing.
todays batch was HOT - im going to have to scale back on the cayenne pepper a little tomorrow.
I took the dog on a 5K walk and went to an interview (nailed it! - im TD banks newest employee!)
right now im a little cranky and a little tired...and a lot hungry! maybe going to moxies last night and binging on bruchetta. med bread and chicken fingers(mmm) was a bad idea.
lets hope I can get past the 3 day "HUMP"
I guess real day one is tomorrow since I didnt actually "clean" anything out....
I weighed in this morning.
my start weight is 142.8 - shoot. lets hope I can jump that down, even a little before mexico
my goal weight for mexico would be 130... I think thats attainable... right?

the only obstacle I might have in the next 2 weeks is going to the lake with big T's parents.... when we are all together we love to EAT! im going to have to get my mental state just right before I go!

pray for me! im already fading!!

oh yah, and anyone who is reading this and doing it with me...LET ME KNOW!

(please just don't tell me how crazy am) :)



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the stress/dehydration dream TEAM!

I miss Josh!
its a little lonely here without him during the day!!


I have a job interview with TD bank tomorrow! I will post tomorrow on how it went! eep! its been so long since I have been in an interview!! most importantly...WHAT WILL I WEAR!

yesterday I did my first BODYSTEP class all by myself!
and when I say all by myself,

I mean like...every other instructor was out of town... I was literally all by myself with 11 people in my class!

but you know what?


I had fun, and I think everyone else had fun too, I made a couple of mistakes, but really, nothing anyone but I noticed. I couldn't get a camera together in time to tape it, but I wouldn't have submitted it anyways.

but to be totally honest


im not worrying about it.

I literally had a nervous breakdown on Monday night. i had been doing step for HOURS trying to prep for Wednesday's class, I went to bodyPUMP with my SIL Sarah... and my body had just HAD IT... I sat down and started crying... T gave me a pep talk...then I stayed up a few more hours...

I tried to sleep but my muscles were literally aching, when did exercise get so stressful?

wednesday morning I did "team teaching" with another instructor, as I was teaching, I started feeling REALLY"I might fall off my step" sick. *great, as if i wasn't worrying about teaching by myself later that day ALREADY!*

luckily I made it through the class, the other instructor said I wasn't looking so hot, and I was NOT feeling good. I went right home and slept the afternoon away...I still felt like poop when I woke up so I chugged a ton of water and took some MIDOL.. ("THAT" monthly gift wasn't the reason I was feeling crappy...Midol has the perfect amount of pain killers and caffeine in it...great for working out!)

I made it through the class and realized after that I was just BURNT OUT. I was so sick I couldn't even eat, all I could do was drink tons and tons of water. stress and dehydration... good combo.

i woke up this morning feeling a little better, still sore, but not so sick. im sticking to tea, and water today. I need to make sure im feeling good for my interview tomorrow!

I will keep everyone posted on my progress with my VIDEO! it HAS to be in by next friday, and i only have specific times I can tape!




Sunday, July 18, 2010

my other loves.

oh summer!


Big T and I spent this weekend at my in-laws new place just outside of Innisfail.

AND can I just say?

My in-laws are awesome.

I now have TWO amazing families... jealous??

I actually count myself so lucky to have gotten hooked up with such an awesome family. These parents would literally do anything for their children... Anything to keep their family together. And they have done great, I have 4 brother in laws and 2 sister in laws! and of course - mom and dad Campbell!

( I just had to add this picture of my GORGEOUS sister in-law!)

its SO BEAUTIFUL THERE! they bought a brand spankin' new trailer and set it on a campground for years and years of family fun to come! one of those fun things was going TUBING!!

Becca and I were up first!!


it was SO FUN! (even tho my back is STILL sore from all that bumping around!

Then it was BIG T and I!

things got a little...WETTER

ohhh DAD!

all in all the whole weekend was AH-MAZING! - and lets just say im a little...RED from the weather. I cant wait to get to MEXICO in one month and get my little but burnt to a CRISP!

I put off the cleanse untill the end of this week. dont worry, I havent given up on it! I need to tape my STEP VIDEO this week (another rant...for another time) siiiiigh.

Thursday or FRIDAY I will give a FULL REPORT ON MY PLAN!!



Thursday, July 15, 2010

*When I was younger

I wanted to be a street performer.

I wanted to sing, and have people appreciate me for my talents.

once I won a competition held in a small town for the best busker present.

I really thought I would do it, move to Victoria, hit the road...


but like most other people, I grew up

and im not dissapointed with what I grew up to be, my little brother asked me the other day why I stopped singing...

after a long pause I said... I moved to college and didnt have a piano.

that was a lie.

I went to college and sort of... lost myself. I got replaced by someone else. and since that time I have managed to get some of that girl back... but not that little part that wanted to live the streets full of hope, dreams and


(this picture was taken when I was recording a demo many many years ago)

Today we went to a Festival here in Edmonton.

a street performer festival! (hence the rant). we did all sorts of things.

one bieng:

I learned how to JUGGLE!

LEGIT. I know in this picture there are only two balls, I got up to three by the end...promise!

there was also FESTIVAL FOOD!

and of course... the performers!

this guy was my



all in all it was a great day. T of course, was working his little butt off, and I, if a little work out in... Lemonade diet starts MONDAY! - I still wanna know who's with me?!?!

its summer.




Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This last 10 days or so has been fabulous

just in general, but also, because I got to have my lil' brother JOSHUA here with me!

its summer, so he's done school and wanted to get away for a bit, so I grabbed at the chance to have a WORKOUT BUDDY! were both doing at least one or two work outs a day! and its been FABULOUS! - he makes me work hard, I mean, the kid is 3.5% body fat... 4 POUNDS OF HIS LITTLE 110 POUNDS IS FAT. well, that doesn't make my 26% body fat percentage look awesome...does it?


you guys know me, always looking for the newest diet craze. while im unemployed I thought I would give this one a try.


BASICALLY.... you only drink maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper in a combo all day...every day...anywhere from 10-40 days!

copy and past this link to a youtube video of a woman who did the cleanse for 40 days!!

I have heard its tough, and I think im really ready for going to mexico for my honeymoon!! (only a year late!) We leave at the end of august. I want to look my BEST!

I am going to track my progress here starting on Monday, all my stats ect.

so... I guess my real question is...




Monday, July 12, 2010


my new obsession.

I have always been a diet coke girl, the "real" coke was just too sweet for me! but honestly, just out of nowhere yesterday I cracked a diet coke and was like....GROSS! I could taste every bit of aspartame in it! how upsetting!!! I was suddenly craving REAL COKE! EEP! sugar overload.

so I decided to try out the new coke zero.

let me tell you, its a winner!

how DO they do it?

well I did a little surfing, and I found this SORT OF UPSETTING article on the ingredients for coke zero...

Coke Zero Ingredients

Coke's marketing people talk about "zero consequences", but can they promise Coke Zero's ingredients are without consequences?

The ingredientsare listed on Australian cans of Coke Zero. Water anyone?

Carbonated water
Colour (150d) - aka "Sulphite Ammonia Caramel"
Food acid 338 - aka "Phosphoric Acid" (Also used for rust removal!)
Food acid 331 - aka "Sodium Citrates" (Also used in photography and as an anticoagulant of blood stored for transfusion!)
Sweetener 951 - aka "Asapartame" (According to the US FDA, "the [National Cancer Institute] currently is studying aspartame and other dietary factors as part of a larger study of adult brain cancer." You might want to wait for the results before you drink it. Also, avoid this one if you're moody!)
Sweetener 950 - aka "Acesulfame Potassium" (Looking for reasons to avoid this sweetener? Look no further...)
Preservative 211 - aka "Sodium Benzoate" (Undiluted this stuff isn't too bad... Just don't let it touch your skin!)


is it super terrible that this upset me, but I will probably still drink the 24 cans of coke in my fridge?

maybe a little...



Sunday, July 11, 2010

So, it's official.

I'm in love with my Iphone.
That's the only real reason that I haven't been on my blog.
I gave up on this for 2 months

but let me assure you...
My life has moved on.
My fitness level is increasing.
I'm teaching all tracks but two on stage in class.
Step is consuming me. I have less than two weeks to submit my video to Toronto And become the next step instructor for GoodLife Fitness.

T and I are in our new pace! I don't miss our old little hole at all.... sometimes I get nostalgic for our first little home... but I LOVE OUR NEW PLACE!! it is just me, or is a home that is almost new, WAY easier to keep clean?!?!? I feel so much more domestic!

I quit my admin job at Goodlife, I decided to just be an instructor. I mean... I loved my job, I just needed different things out if a job. So I quit, found a replacement and ran.
I ran away to southern Alberta and spent two wonderfully weeks with my grandma Craig. By far the most amazing woman I have ever met. We hiked and walked and she told me stories from when she was young. We laughed and cried and read books and baked cookies... And I was calm, man, more calm than I have been in months!! oh, and I cut my hair! im still trying to get used to it!! but its so much easier to do!

So now I'm back. I have a new perspective, a calm perspective. I have a new...

I will stay posted!!

Oh ya, my current weight is 145. My list of excuses include, I've been doing alot of weights, Im PMS'ing... And... Well, your not here to listen to this are you.

Game on. Again.