Sunday, June 28, 2009!

honestly....I dont know what happened. We moved to Edmonton an it was like we fell into this big...BIG black hole. I barely could get to the computer to change my facebook status. and to those who know me. this is an issue.


Taylor, boss and I are this amazing, happy family, planning what will be an .amazing. wedding

I hope.

my saint of a mother has been running herself off her feet booking everything. here is whats happened with he wedding so far.

we picked a date. - August 7th.
i have a dress - .gorgeous!!!.
we picked a location - it will ALL take place at my country home
I picked a theme - all good things are wild and free.  - use your imagination. 
wildflowers, trees, golds purples blues, whites.
we made a guest list (FML)
we ordered tents, plates, food, everything

bla bla bla

the point is....


im glad we moved the Date. it was dramatic, and a little disapointing, but really. the best thing we have ever done. Taylor and T are so happy. were building a life in Edmonton....well...not much of a life.....a normal day consists of...

wake up 6am
work at 7
come home at noon to let the dog out to pee
back to work
work till 8pm
come home

wake up....


lovely huh?

boss-man got his manhood taken away recently. hes a little sweeter, and a lot less....humpey?...ahem.... but the energy remains! this kid has sass....its god warning me. if this is what my kids will be like....

i'll wait.
okay, its 10pm....I have to get to bed. I want to try and start jogging. i would still love to lose 5 or more pounds before the wedding....but I will get better on this thing, I promise, I will be taking a lot more weekends off work to come to Calgary and plan plan plan!
next weekend my sassy sister Becka is throwing me a bridal shower!!!!