Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The night is deafening when the silence is listening
And I´m down on my knees and I know that something is missing.
Because the back of my mind is holding things I´m relying in
But I choose to ignore it because I´m always denying them.

I´m a bit of a manic when it´s not as I plan itCause I start losing my head and then I get up in a panic
Remember when we were kids and always knew when to quit it
Are we denying a crisis or are we scared of admitting it?

I don´t want to know

.I need a savior.

so lately has been .ROUGH.

work is fine, life is....fine. I love my husband, I love my marriage and bieng married to my bestest best friend...

but im struggling with some BAD LUCK lately.

and its totally

so on Saturday afternoon I started having some pains on my right side, I sucked it up and went to work at Mongolie Grill anyways, but it started getting worse, and worse...and AAARGH! I was in the most intense pain of my LIFE.

that night I went to the hospital, and was there all night, this sounds gross, but I started peeing BLOOD um, YUCK? - my sweet Tay was there practically the whole time, he even pulled some chairs together and slept beside me as I cried and squeeled in pain for probably 6 hours on a hospital emergency bed. - after a long time the doctor came in and told me I had a very severe kidney infection. and I later found out I had eaten the ecoli bacteria! GROSS!




but after I got my first round on IV from the emergency, they sent me home...but not without some baggage... - I had an IV STUCK in my arm fort he next 4 days - they would just unplug the IV and wrap the needle up in a bandage at my elbow and send me off

feeling like


no im just on some steady anti-biotics...and feeling much better,

I even got to go back to


im having a lot of fun working for GoodLife! its a good atmosphere.

but im still feeling sick lately

im starting to gain weight...


but im just generally unhealthy...

HURRY AND OPEN brand new fitness club!




Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I almost forgot. Beckas always right.


BUT....its 34 degrees outside?
...just go with it. ;)

quick breakdown of my points for today.

.Becka.was.right. (of course) when she said:
Becks said...

Hey, this is the Weight Watchers police phoning.Eat all your points. Or you'll blow i

tomorrow or the next day and start shoving cookies, jellybeans and ice cream in your mouth as fast as you can at some point.

NOT A TRUE STORY. (They were all the kids lunch snacks I was shoving.....fruit snacks, Dunkaroos, the like.)Trust me on this one.

PS. I calculated your points allowance on the new program and you're to eat 22 a day to keep your metabolism running. Eat a mars bar for Pete's sake

I didn't listen....

I started off SO GOOD

I made a salad for lunch with a homeade balsamic vinegar and oil dressing that only worked out to

-2 points!
and I gave myself a point for this one - domestication and I are TIED!



I added an egg for protien

-2 points

and I packed a diet drink - 0

a hot drink for breakfast was

- 1 point

I packed some cantelope to eat while I was working - 2 points

so I was at - 7 points for the day

I got off work at about 4 to go to our cousins cabin to go on their boat. I didnt wakeboard (duh)
but it was a BEAUTIFUL night to go out and do ANYTHING.
I just took pictures!



I couldnt get home to make anything to eat before we came

and they brought pizza.

and NOT just any pizza.

stuffed crust - fat out your EARS pizza.

and I ate 2 pieces.


10 points.


the good thing is I only went over my WW points target by 5 points - thats what flex points are for...right?

I will do better tomorrow.


it is tomorrow!


I have to pack my lunch!



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day one dieter

so, today was -



so I woke up extra early this morning to make my lunch.
and growing up in the family I did, I counted points.
and since I told you all I was doing this.
here is my breakdown of Weight Watchers


I made a whole wheat wrap with tons of veggies, red pepper, pickes, lettuce ect.
wrap - 3 points
veggies - 0

to give it some FLAVOR - (come on now)
I added some cheese
cheese - 2

I packed some fruit to keep my "im so bored" eating habbits in check.

I had a diet crush with my lunch - diet coke gets a little tiresome...( sorry Lisa!)
its really good!

all you diet drink junkies---try it!

2 pomegranites and one apple - 3 - that all made up my oh-so-healthy


work went well today...

my wonderful student hubby made me a healthy dinner!

4 ounces chicken- 5 points

green beans - 0!

mexiacan soda - 4 points (we went for dinner with sar and fra to a mexican place last night and brought a couple home! (good thing the diet starts today!...or was it supposed to be yesterday....
dont judge me)

so all that jazz I ate today adds up to a satifactory


.fair enough.

untill tomorrow!



Sunday, September 20, 2009

R: 4 // D: 3 - .photos.fatty.and .one.year.since-es.

so .first.things.first.

the battle between .DOMESTICATION. + .RACHEL CAMPBELL. - (to find out about it, check out my old post...)

the score stands at
.domestication: 3

I haven't won the battle yet...but not THAT far off...right?

anyways.... I tried to make pancakes again today. chocolate chip...

I.GOT.A.THUMBS.UP. from Dr. C!


this is a post of plenty of .PICTURES.

I got my loving hubby to come out and let me take a few of him!

golly I got a handsome man on my hands!!

.get this.

we found this really sweet wall downtown and I got .so.excited!. we pulled over and Taylor said

Rach...were not stopping here...


well...look out your window honey...

- outside was this homeless guy....standing on a bench with a steak knife. trying to...I dont know...OPEN his backpack or sawing away at it?

by gosh, no matter how hard I tried I couldnt convince Tay to get out of that car!

oh well. I got a few nice ones anyways.

speaking of nice ones,

I had to agree with this one that my sister becka looks like a LULU model in this photo! my "skinny sister" is my motivation - shout out to going to need her!


while looking over old pictures today I found this one from my marathon days
I weighed approximately 10 pounds less than I do right now...kill me, Marriage has been so kind in so many ways...

not that one.

ha ha ha - so since im not totally feeling like running another marathon right NOW... (im working a lot and cant run... 10 hour days 6 days a week gets me a little tired) I know I know, im a big whiner. but I decided to try and REALLY loose that 10 pounds....


I will keep track on here of how im doing too - and my little "plan" okay?


sunday sept 20 //8:30pm\\ - 140lbs

of course I will probably weigh and report what I weigh in the that might change lol

so as I was going through my old photos i thought back to this time last year...

.wow. - I did alot last year - her is a letter I wrote on my old blog - reminding me of what I went through. how much I accomplished, how much I lost, how much I cried.

\\ I went here //
and I went .HERE.
by the end of last year, I was running from everyone and everything in my life. when I went to Ireland I came back and barely showed my face before I left for South America. when i came home from there at the beginning of this year I was reluctant to show my face.

but I was confident in change when I came back

- and .woah.

.this year has been one of the best in my life.

i will cover the rest in another blog, maybe its time to write another letter to this year.



Friday, September 18, 2009

goodbye Avril .HELLO. - Angie!


those who know me....know .THIS. - is my favorite celeb....well .USED.TO.BE.

Avril Lavigne is getting DIVORCED! <--- CHECK OUT THIS LINK to read more. i was sad....this girl was like my role model while I was going through my little...well...avril-time. in high school.... LOL I dressed like her, wrote songs like her....angsted (?) like....her...


I have a NEW celeb role model

.equally controversial. - differently - ha ha ha

.gorgeous.generous.edgy.and .AWESOME!. - Who will she adopt next? lol


i got off work at 2 today, it felt .SO.NICE.

and I had plans,

something I have wanted to do since moving to this awful city...

go to the WEM - WATERPARK!
and we did!

it took a little "convincing" to get my tired husband to spend the ridiculous amount of money that it takes t get in ( THE LOCKERS....WERE 7 DOLLARS)

...but like...
these waterslides

are AWESOME!!!

we went down all of them twice. ha ha the blue bullet is by far my favorite, it is fast and totally IN THE DARK.

it was a good day tho

tinted with sadness about Avril and her!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


so last night I came home from work totally WASTED. its been hot lately, between 28 and 30 degrees.....HELLO???. isn't it SEPTEMBER???



Tay and I had a mini date night, we DROVE....get this....less than one minute to the DQ thats by our house...and got poutine... dont ask me why... (im NOT pregnant...nice try Becka.) lol

we were too lazy to make dinner so we ate poutine and chips and salsa...
now, im tempted to give domestication a point for this...or at least minus one for me...Taylor cleaned the whole house and did laundry before I came home....

...I'll keep working on it.


for anyone who doesnt know what this disguisting french dish is....

I stole this off the internet.... im so un original.

The dish originated in rural Quebec, Canada, in the late 1950s. Several Québécois communities claim to be the birthplace of poutine, including Drummondville (by Jean-Paul Roy in 1964),[7] Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and Victoriaville.[citation needed] One often-cited tale is that of Fernand Lachance, from Warwick, Quebec, which claims that poutine was invented in 1957,[8] when a customer ordered fries while waiting for his cheese curds from the Kingsey cheese factory in Kingsey Falls (now in Warwick and owned by Saputo Incorporated). Lachance is said to have exclaimed ça va faire une maudite poutine ("it will make a damn mess"), hence the name. The sauce was allegedly added later, to keep the fries warm longer.

The French fries are of medium thickness, and fried so that the insides are still soft, with an outer crust. The gravy is a light chicken, veal or turkey gravy, mildly spiced with a hint of pepper. Heavy beef or pork-based brown gravies are typically not used. Fresh cheese curd (not more than a day old) is used.
it sounds gross....

it looks gross...

but YUM....poutine!

we got Boss man a treat too... but I wont go into how this one is made....or even how they thought of it...

its some sort of raw hide....

but the guy at the store told me that it was just
bull penis.



Monday, September 14, 2009


first off, this weekend was good, all in all it was great! the hubs and I worked on saturday and then went and saw the new move district nine....check it out! it was so good! - first time in ages I havent wanted to fall asleep in a theatre.!

Sunday we went to my sil Sarahs house to have a "play date" with their new puppy .NIXA!. she is so cute! her and Boss just play till they drop!
The other Day Sarah so kindly let me photograph her, totally at my disposal,

what do you think? here is a link to the whole FB album




so the great domestication of Rachel Campbell...

not going so hot...

I decided to start keeping score on the whiteboard in our kitchen...

oh loosing, .BIG.TIME.

it all started with my - Rachel: 0 domestication: 1

then I made this AWESOME waldorf salad.... heck, I got my in-laws to eat it! (they are a little picky sometimes)... .A.WIN!. ( I did add a point to my white board)

and then


another try at being a domestic goddess....(or at least a good wife?) I got up early and decided to make my new student of a hubby breakfast.... /PANCAKES!/
.okay. - good idea....


firt off, I dont know how to make pancakes?? who am I kidding....forever I just thought...add water to....DUH...pancake mix! but then I wanted to add some berries, so I threw in some frozen ones from the biggie right?

I got TC out of bed, and sat him down with all the fixins for his three pancakes and watched him take a bite...then another...oh good... success!

but then I noticed that he was taking a strangely loooong chews...

I said ...

honey... do you like them?
/yeah, like...they are....nice...//

-okay Tay...just be honest...

/well like....ah... oh okay... they arent cooked//

-what?? they look cooked?

/well, but not on the INSIDE....the outside is cooked...but the inside is...well...pancake mix...and berries....FROZEN BERRIES...sorry hunny//
chalk one more up for domestication...




Sunday, September 6, 2009


so this week was long....REALLY.LONG.

I pulled in 68 hours doing landcaping, working in the mud and

but there is one thing I always wait for
and it finally came,
and it was glorious!!
oh yes...

.THE.WEEKEND. (which consists of...well...sunday)

sigh....but anyways

and it was a wonderful weekend! Taylors family came and hung out for a few days.
today I woke up and made a waldorf salad AND cookies! HOLEY COW! - Martha stewart here I come! -
not quite,
having a mother in law who is a domestic goddess and a sister in law half your age who can cook like the iron chef....helps...

ahem. ANYWAYS,

after dinner we came to our little house, crammed in and watched a movie with snacks!

all the pooches were there too, it was NUTS!
my brother in law and his wife just bought a new puppy! so we had boss-man, my MIL brought their dogs pepsi and Kola, and this little girly named NIXA was the latest add to the funny farm.
let me tell you - she has a Bosley-like .ATTITUDE.

cant you tell by looking at that FACE??

but all those dogs together had a great time, and family is never a bad thing to have in huge groups!
Im so glad I have a bunch of new brothers and some new sisters (especially one that lives so close!)
things are definitely going well for this little Campbell family