Monday, October 25, 2010

weigh in 2!

okay, week 2!

T and I were looking forward to this Sunday, we were both feeling really good!

It wasn't as big of a day as we hoped. but success still!

T went from 204 to 202! (almost broke that 2 mark!!)

I went from 147-144 - 3 pounds...and im under the 145 mark... okay!

Im not going to lie, I feel huge, uncomfortably big. and i know I shouldn't complain. according to my weight, I should weigh 140. but just like everyone else, I want more for myself.

so we keep going.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

my boy is gonna be a STAR!


Its official. the big guy...the PACK LEADER... is coming to Edmonton, and in his search for the biggest problem pooches... he picked my Boss-man.
November 6th! i'll keep you posted!

Ive been really focusing on taking the Boss out for walks. the dog has unlimited energy. honestly every time I turn my back he is doing something ridiculous. T and I estimate that this kid has cost us over 5000.00 in cords, clothing, shoes, furniture, blankets and MENTAL BREAKDOWNS! but you know... hes my pooch, and im not ready to give in yet...




Sunday, October 17, 2010



BIG T and I started weight watchers this last Tuesday... we decided that Sunday mornings would be our weigh-in day. Mamma campbell is on the train as well.

so here it is, week one:

T - starting weight 210.8
...current weight...204!
thats almost 7 POUNDS! In less than a week :) great Job babe!

now me...
starting weight - 153
...current weight...147!
i'll take it :) 6 pounds

we both understand that the first week you change your diet, there can be big changes, but it was what we needed to get our bums into gear and get motivated to keep going!

week one pretty big success. were going to push hard this week to get to 200, and 145 or below!

keep you posted!