Thursday, November 19, 2009

im a .GoodLife-r.


So I just spent a week getting into the whole GoodLife "Culture"

and really,

im loving it!

the energy is amazing!
these people are so happy and excited to give others the chance to have a new/longer/happier life by joining this awesome gym we are going to have.
I really feel like im going to change lives working here.
it sounds lame..
.like...its a gym right?
its also a motivator, a teacher, a release, and so many things I really appreciate in MY life.

my mood is heading up up up.... im feeling good again. thanks GoodLife!

I feel like ive been brainwashed lol

- im heading to Calgary this weekend for the SECOND one in a row,

but im SO excited for this one

im going to the KELLY CLARKSON concert with my bff NATTY! then on Saturday I get to sleep in a little (YES!) and go to a party with my big sister Becka, (on the condition I lend her a dress * eyeroll) and then the MOST important

this is the last time I get to see my little brother for 2 YEARS!


THIS is going to be a big weekend,



Monday, November 16, 2009

Elder Scott - .my.weekend. and .my.sisters.

I .love. bieng with my family lately.

you know...people just like...
what do you think?

so this weekend was the big weekend

the one we have been waiting for for...oh about 10 years now.

my dad finally got released as the stake president of our church.

I cant believe 10 years ago he started a brand new stake, and since then has helped hundreds of people through thousands of things....

still had time to teach me chem. 30 in grade 12 and run a marathon with me. go try out for Canadian Idol in Vancouver when I turned 16. and walk me down the isle.

Elder Richard G Scott of the quorum of the 12 came to release him and call the new stake pres. and let me tell you,

he is a wonderful man...a hilarious man!

I had the epic experience of spending the whole weekend WITH him. I served him dinner on saturday night before the adult session with my Beautiful sisters

and then he came for breakfast on Sunday morning. its not very often that these men come to the homes of members. there just simply isnt time. but he came to my house and we sat over breakfast, me and him at 6am on Sunday and just... talked

for a long time

South America was the huge topic of discussion... he served a mission in Argentina, we talked about the culture, the people, the language. we really got along very well. I felt so blessed that we could get to know him so well and get so close to him!

all in all on the weekend was a success. Ive been feeling lately (not just from the concussion. but I still get headaches lol ) and this weekend really set me back on track.

.game on.



Thursday, November 12, 2009


something about fall,

something about plants dying... or people being forced to be inside their homes more ... a chill in the air, something about...winter? ....something about this time...

this time of year

makes me so sad...



Wednesday, November 11, 2009


this is 5 hours AFTER the fact...and looking much better
(my eyebrow is pushed down from the swollen lump)
Let me tell you a story...

So today was my LAST DAY at classic...I was SO excited to get in....get out, and get on with my life.


I worked hard to make the time go faster. at about noon, right before I was going to take my lunch, I was banding some steel posts....

for those who might not know...

I wont explain this very well, but basically to hold things (like posts or boards) together, you need to put a metal banding around them. this equipment (steel. heavy equipment) is used for doing that im banding these posts, im tightening...



the metal banding broke and the piece of equpiment I was using to tighten it went flying into my head.


I instantly felt it swell, and I think my brain was a little winded, I wasnt knocked....OUT persay...

but MAN

It wasnt all coming together.

so I started to head inside, knowing I would probably have to tell someone about it, and as I was walking in BLOOD starting dripping into my EYE....gross. when i got into the office, my head had swollen up about an inch off my head and I was clearly out of it....

so long story short,

I got to the hospital,
diagnosed with a concussion...

I have an AMAZING headache.

and I get two days off work!

but wait,

tomorrow I start my new job... cant miss it....I cant wait!

but wont I look LOVELY.



Monday, November 2, 2009

HOW was everyones Halloween??

mine? well. it was pretty boring. at least I got to dress up! working at Mongolie grill we all dressed up to serve, it was a blast! guess what I was?

it was pretty fun, but MAN


I have blisters.... everywhere! I started out wearing flats, nice... looked so comfy... flats?
no. i basically rubbed OFF the back of my ankle. yeouch
so my next shift, I came back in with some different shoes,

backless (duh) with a bit of a heel... it felt good for a bit...then I started getting blisters on my toes...EVERY TOE HAD A BLISTER!

this is going to take a while to get used to... shoot.

but I love serving, way more than landscaping. that might change, but for now, its something different, and for those who know me... change is good

or Rachel gets angry...
just kidding!