Sunday, February 21, 2010



were only 25 days away from the first GoodLife fitness club opening in Edmonton! Things are getting a "little" busy you might say. but im still loving it, my job rocks.

.T. and I have been having fun lately. for instance, today we cleaned the whole house, then took Boss for a nice long walk around our neighborhood, its a gorgeous day here! then we got back, and being as hairy as he is he was filthy! SO...we bathed him, always fun around here. he runs all over the house rubbing himself on the couch, the rug, the curtains just trying to get dry.

I really dont have a lot to post about, im still married, still boring, still trying to slim down, still creeping everyones blogs! haha nothing is new!



Monday, February 1, 2010


Love him to bits, but my big guy Bosley is one

he literally sheds everywhere. he is a super long-haired, double coated dog that LOVES to jump up on strangers and cuddle...but always leaves the person HAIRY!

so T and I purchased a new toy.
this was an episode. I held Boss -man and fed him treats while Taylor brushed him.
we got more, and more and .MORE.

finally we gave up, (im sure we could have done MORE)

I was CAKED in the hair that came off of this dog while we brushed him

when we finished we gathered up all the hair we got from that episode

thank goodness for THESE!