Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'll call them -

so I did it, I used my new mixer! I went out and bought all the ingredients and decided to try and make MARS BARS COOKIES! didnt exactly go as planned....
everything was a mess!
the fist batch came out LOOKING good...but I didnt put enough mars bar in them....they tasted like.....well was a dull - not-so-chocolate tasting cookie.
so then I went out and bought TONS of mars bars.... joke....10 of them!

but here was the problem....

when I got to actually READING the recipie...I needed something called...


but i didnt have bad could it turn out?


well....pretty bad.
they stuck to EVERYTHINGAND were all over the pan....they were huge and stuck together...not very well cooked...

and in the end...

the only one who appreciated my new mixer.
was Bosley.the.end.

- R

Saturday, August 29, 2009

.and.with.a.broken.wing...she.still.sings. - seagull//.SATURDAY.\\


Bosley and I went for a walk this morning. I havent taken very many pictures lately, so I brought my camera. it was one of the hottest days in August, and we decided to take the day off -
Boss wasn't complaining/
I found plenty of interesting things to take pictures of, I live in an interesting area in Edmonton. here are a few I took!
this is a bus stop, someone posted an add for their missing dog....

now, while we were walking Bosley noticed a sea gull. we followed it for a while, and i wondered why Bosley got so close and it only walked away at a slow pace.

when we got closer,


it had a broken wing, and it just sat, gave up on the sidewalk. it looked like it had been hit by a car. Bosley wasnt barking or tugging...he just sat and watched while it watched us.
it was so sad. I didnt know what to do...
so I just walked away.

when I turned to walk off, it got up again, and slowly kept walking away.

it was a sad morning. all of my pictures were really sad...


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

so I decided to start SOMETHING to make me blog at least once a week. my favorite things for that week. sometimes it will be lame....SERIOUSLY lame. but like, it could be fun right? if anything it can help me see the good in these awfully long weeks im going through this summer. were doing .3. 12-hour days this week, and the rest of september should be pretty much the same. boo.
.MY.NEW.GREEN.KITCHEN-AID!. - some of my amazing family got this for me...ahem I mean us....for the wedding! okay, I cant cook, but this does one of two things. - A. it can make me LOOK like I can cook sitting nicely in my kitchen.... B. maybe I can learn? - ha! ill keep you posted...
.spicy.chicken.sandwich. at wendy's - I have NEVER tried one of these before, but after work the other night we were so hungry we stopped for dinner....and like YUM! - its so nice with the perfect amount of spice...anyone agree?
.BOBCAT. - ha ha okay. so I dont love this....but this what I sit in ALL DAY. and im not kidding 8 to 8 im filling up trucks - giving people pallets of sod ect ect -
one thing i HATE about bobcatting is when people come with trailers with RAMPS on them....I have to go UP these steep ramps... and thats okay...then I have to back down...without seeing behind me and with NO weight to keep me so I dont tip backwards. sometimes i can feel my front wheels tip...tip tippp...backwards then my back end hits the ground so hard it makes me whince.



Monday, August 3, 2009


its the brand new .MRS.CAMPBELL. -

im back, and my blogging, and im GOING TO STICK WITH IT!


well like....


so, we did it! we took the plunge! the big big big....BIG plunge!
it was WONDERFUL. perfect. my photographer is getting the pictures to us hopefully sometime this week....IM SO EXCITED!!!!
if you know me, you know how much i LOVE photography. in fact. my hubby just bought me a HUUUGE mac computer so that I can start getting more professional about my photo editing. hes too good to me!
so, here are a few pictures from the wedding week - day one - when we drove from Edmonton to Calgary to get ready for wedding week. - we stopped and took a few pictures on the side of the road, if course lol

bosley came.... of course!

basically that was the start of one LOOONG WEEK - but by far, the best one of my life
I will update...hopefully tomorrow!

good night blogger babes! thanks for keeping faith in me!