Monday, May 14, 2012

Mum says smiled.

My Mom says I smiled at her the day I was born.

The doctors said it was gas, but she knows it wasn't.
and judging by how I feel about my mother... I know it wasn't either.

My mom came from England long time ago and married my dad. 
Because of this fact, I had the honor of having a mother who couldn't work (and wouldn't even if she could have legally)
I got cookies most days after school, and I remember smelling them while I ran down the looong driveway we had in our old country house.

My mom gave birth to 7 BIG babies. I rang in at the second biggest, somewhere between 9 and 10 pounds. As I get closer to having babies of my own... I hope that she doesn't pass along that trait.

Some of the traits she did pass along, however, were the ability to love anyone, a magic touch with horses and animals, a love for herbal tea and crumpets (im not kidding) and a love and respect for my father, her husband.

I am extremely grateful to my mother for all that she did/has done/will do for me.



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